Chicago Salmon Celebrate Their 24th Season

Welcome to the website of the Chicago Salmon - Vintage Base Ball Club.

We play a vintage style of base ball dating back to 1858 and are affiliated with the Vintage Base Ball Association. We have a roster consisting of players from around the Chicagoland area and have matches against other area teams. In addition we “barnstorm” on the road to downstate Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and this year, Iowa's Field of Dreams. If you are interested in playing for the Chicago Salmon Vintage Base Ball Club - contact us.

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7 days ago

Chicago Salmon Vintage Base Ball Club

The Chicago Salmon are finally recognized as an important member of the Chicago base ball community at the beginning of their 24th season! We told the story of our base ball club, the nature of our 1858 style of play and more. In addition Doc Adams was recognized as a founding figure of the game of baseball. The Vintage Base Ball Association also got a mention. ... See MoreSee Less


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Rich Hansen, ex White Sox?

4 weeks ago

Chicago Salmon Vintage Base Ball Club

I have been able to speak to both Dee Hilbert, Historic Methodist Campground, Volunteer Manager-Programs-Events, 4-H Organization Leader, and Max Lucasky, the lumberjack that cut down the trees at the Historic Methodist Campground of Des Plaines.

We plan to start work at the campground this Saturday morning at 10:00 A.M. We will meet with Max Lucasky who will give us an understanding of how to do the remaining clean up, and restoration.

Yes, I have checked out the weather report. The bulk of the snow will fall between 11:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. The final 1 to 2 inches will come down from 6:00 A.M. to Noon Saturday. The wind gusts will be from 20 to 30 mph.

Our first task will be to load and transport the logs to Horigan Urban Forest Products in North Chicago. I will rent a 6 by 12 foot trailer from UHaul to transport the logs. With about eleven logs it may take as many as three trips. Horigan will cut the logs into 36 to 37" billets, and kiln dry them.

The billets may be ready in 3 to 6 months for Razor to pick up and make Historic Methodist Campground/Chicago Salmon base ball bats out of. He is planning on having them ready by the 2020 season, which ironically will be our club's 25th anniversary. We are expecting them to sell for $100 each. Razor is paying for all of the costs. Once he has sold enough bats to cover his expenses. He will divide the profits up three ways: 1/3 to the HMC, 1/3 to the Chicago Salmon, and 1/3 to himself for his labor.

In addition we want to cut the branches and remaining logs to 18 inch lengths and pile them up at the side of the entrance by Campground Road to be made available for firewood. I will take one load of the "scrap" branches by trailer to my church property near Vernon Hills where I can burn them.

We will do as much as the weather and our manpower allows us to do on Saturday. We will continue to return to the HMC until we have at least cleared Grove # 3 and hopefully more as our time and help will allow.

I will buy lunch at Portillo's for everyone that helps out Saturday. Yes they have hot chocolate, coffee, and tea!

I will bring my 18" Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw. Max indicated he will also bring some tools.

I have attached the photographs I took last Friday of Grove #3.

This will be the Chicago Salmon's team service project at the HMC before our 2019 season starts, cleaning up and possibly reseeding the field.

The Chicago Salmon will continue to play vintage base ball on Grove #3 without the trees.

Thank you to all of the Chicago Salmon and their friends that will make the time to restore the grounds of the Historic Methodist Campground of Des Plaines.
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What are you guys planning to do with all the wood ?

We cut the thicker limbs up in 18” lengths and leave it near the highway for free firewood pickup. The thinner branches will be burned.

Leadership in action. Creative reuse. Sustainability in action.

What are you doing with all the wood?

No More. Cute woods

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