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How do I have the Chicago Salmon play a match at my event?

We are so happy you are considering adding a vintage base ball match to your event. We love to spread the joy of Base Ball the way it was meant to be played, for the love of the game!
A couple of things:

-We set our schedule for the next year in November, so please let us know before then if you have a particular date in mind.

-We do not play on holiday weekends. These include: Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends. Several of our players are married and/or have families and want to keep it that way, for some bizarre reason.

-We can find another organized club to play us at your site, or you can form a club from your local talent and we will assist your team in learning the rules and fashioning uniforms. Please allow for extra prep time if you need assistance with uniforms.

-Vintage base ball is not played on modern ball fields. The game is best on an open field. Soccer fields work, but open park spaces are even better. Obstacles are not an issue. There are many popular Vintage Base Ball fields that have trees, small buildings, and even rivers and streams running through them. Remember, in the 19th century, open land was tillable, therefore it would be wasteful to create a ball field that could not grow crops.

-A Salmon representative can arrange a meeting with you to scout locations, if so desired.

-The Salmon do ask a small fee for us and our opposing club (this would not pertain if you field your own club). We charge $150 per club and ask that you feed the players. This is generally about 30 meals. This can be a ticket to one of your food service vendors, or a pot luck meal provided by your staff and volunteers. About half of our team is vegetarian so we really appreciate some non-meat options for the meal. When we host another club, we do the potluck style and those are always the most fun and most authentic. If your event will have food trucks or other food service for sale, as long as the vendors agree, a ticket to one of those is often an option.

-The Salmon will bring all the equipment. Most players have their own bats and the other club will bring those for their players. If you want to form your own club, we can direct you to sources for bats, or loan you some of our club bats.

-We encourage the crowd to cheer for one or the other club, and invite the children, and any interested adults to hit and run the bases after the match.

-If you're considering hiring the Salmon for your event, we encourage you to come see a match to get a good idea of what we are about!

If you are interested in hiring the Chicago Salmon, inquiries may be sent via email: info@chicagosalmon.org