Menomonee Blue Cap Event


Wisconsin Life, Play Ball! -24 October 2019

Skip to minute 12:30 to watch Wisconsin Life's piece on the Menomonie Blue Caps, featuring the Chicago Salmon and other clubs playing base ball.

Old Rules

Daily Herald, Moving Picture: Vintage Baseball Team Follows Old Rules   -9 August 2013


Chicago Tribune Vintage Baseball

Chicago Tribune, Vintage Base Ball -3 July 2013


The Daily Herald, America's Past Time Goes Old School in Naperville
American Pastime Naper Settlement 7-20-13American Pastime Naper Settlement 7-20-13 Article-1

Green Bay Press- Gazette, Heritage Hill takes history to bat -4 July 2005
History at the BatHistory at the Bat 2History at the Bat 3History at the Bat 4